Best places to stay in st. thomas virgin islands?

But other options like Crystal Cove Beach Resort,. The best places to stay in St. Downtown Charlotte Amalie is our top choice. In this area, you'll find some of Saint Thomas's major sights and attractions.

It is also one of the areas best connected by public transport, so it's ideal if this is your first time visiting it. . You can easily find elegant restaurants and fun dive bars in this area of the island, as well as lots of shopping malls and shops. The only downside to this area is that it is very busy.

Charlotte Amalie is the only place on the island that you would call a city, so most visitors who don't know the island's layout immediately go there. This area is most famous for the Magens Bay beach, which is a very popular tourist destination on the island. There are a lot of great beaches in St. Thomas, who is, in fact, the biggest attraction of this popular vacation spot.

However, Magens Bay goes further in those terms, and we would be remiss if we didn't mention it. The pristine, almost snow-white sand that covers these beaches and the tall palm trees definitely give the feeling of being a first-class meeting place for tourists. Charlotte Amalie East is directly connected to the island's largest settlement and, as such, there are plenty of attractions and places you can visit. There are quite a few malls and malls that you can visit.

The number is not as high as that of a large city on the US mainland. In the US, but there are plenty of options, whether for a live performance or for a casual drink. At least in our opinion, there's nothing better than a bar tour in a gorgeous place like St. Thomas, and Charlotte Amalie East is the perfect place to do so.

Once a gathering place for pirates, Santo Tomás later prospered as a trading port, and the remnants of its seafaring past are everywhere. Whether they're on the beach or near it, the best places to stay in Santo Tomas are never far from the water, ideal for diving, swimming, sailing or sipping a rum cocktail with your toes in the sand. Wildlife lovers dream of visiting Saint John, as two-thirds of the island is covered by the Virgin Islands National Park and there are beautiful hiking trails to explore. It's not the easiest place to access at night, so the best thing to do is stay right in the center.

Capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas has a well-deserved reputation for its beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and lively food and beverage scene. Try a mix of elegant restaurants and quiet beach bars for an authentic Saint Thomas feel and sample the island's local rum.

The resorts on Saint Thomas Island will provide a mix of relaxation, beautiful views and plenty of options for water activities. Located on nearby Sapphire Beach, Villa Nautilus is a small, quiet retreat for those who want to be close to nightlife without giving up a restful night's sleep. It's right in the center of the island, so it's also well-connected to pretty much anywhere else on Santo Tomás. This can make it difficult to find information about Santo Tomás on the Internet, so if you want to be calm, you'll have to research the different neighborhoods before arriving.

If you prefer condo or apartment-type vacation rentals rather than a typical resort, there are plenty of condo options in St. Thomas. If you want to be taken care of everything during your vacation in Santo Tomas, all-inclusive resorts will make your life easier. Thomas, within walking distance of shops and restaurants, Olga's Fancy or Windward Passage are probably the best options for you.

After all, the Virgin Islands welcome more than two million visitors a year, and most of them lean towards St. Thomas will simply depend on the type of attractions that interest you and how you like to spend your vacation. .

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