What airport flies into st. thomas virgin islands?

King International Airport (CEKA) is a public airport located at No. Virgin Islands: approximately four miles east of the capital, Charlotte Amalie. There are 2 airports in British Virgin Islands that have direct flights to Saint Thomas. From Tortola, you can fly non-stop with Air Sunshine or Cape Air.

From Virgin Gorda, the only airline with direct flights is Air Sunshine. There are two main airports in the Virgin Islands: the Cyril E. Non-stop service connecting the continental United States to St. Most flights connect to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Flights with inter-island carriers can be made from San Juan to St. Below is a table with approximate flight times and a list of airlines that offer services between the continental United States and the United States Virgin Islands. If you want to get from the airport to the capital, Charlotte Amalie, you'll have to take a bus, a taxi or rent a private car. He transferred me to a supervisor who was even less helpful and, in fact, was condescending, and told me to stop worrying instead of offering me guarantees or answers about what to expect if the flight was canceled.

JetBlue, Air Canada and United Airlines did not apply change and cancellation charges on flights to Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King. Flying to an alternative airport near Santo Tomas could offer you other options for getting to your destination. The United States is well-connected to St. Thomas (STT), with 14 airports across the country that have direct flights to the airport.

The most frequent flights to Santo Tomas are routes from San Juan (SJU) in Puerto Rico and Saint Croix (STX) in the U.S. UU. Traveling around the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and neighboring Caribbean islands is easy thanks to the use of inter-island airlines. There are 3 miles between downtown Saint Thomas Island and Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King Airport.

If you have flights to St. Thomas Island and want to go shopping once you arrive, you should go to the Crown Bay Center in Charlotte Amalie. The first representative told me that there was nothing he could do to help me find an alternative flight or organize a hotel stay. If you want to travel non-stop from the U.S.

From the U.S. to STT, you only need to book your flight through KAYAK. If you plan to travel to Saint Thomas Island via Cyril E King Airport (STT) with a baby, you may need to plan ahead. If you are planning to take another flight from STT to your respective final destinations, consider visiting nearby airports, such as José Aponte De La Torre Airport, Henry E Rohlsen Airport, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport or Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport, which are about 44.4, 45.4, 68.1 and 74 miles away, respectively.

With KAYAK you can also compare airline ticket prices for last minute flights to Saint Thomas Island from anywhere in the United States. Saint Thomas Island is served by Saint Thomas Island's Cyril E King Airport, also commonly known as Cyril E King or Cyril E.

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