Which island has the best beaches in the us virgin islands?

Magens Bay Beach is easily the most popular beach in the U.S. UU. The main island of the Virgin Islands, St. With a 1-mile beach, it is one of the few on the island that requires an entrance fee, but because of this you get some benefits, such as facilities, lifesavers and rentals, such as beach chairs and water toys.

The Virgin Islands are fortunate to have many such beaches. In fact, the astonishing diversity that characterizes the three main islands of the territory, St. Thomas extends to the beaches. Active tourists will find lots of things they'll like here, such as Cinnamon Bay Beach, one of the beaches on St.

John's longer beaches offer snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking and other water sports. The beautiful white-sand beach is located within the Virgin Islands National Park, and visitors can explore the old Danish beachfront building, which houses a temporary museum showcasing some of the National Park Service's archaeological finds obtained from excavations in the area. Travelers can also walk the Cinnamon Bay Trail's half-mile self-guided trail, where coconut trees and sea grapes provide shade for long stretches of time. Hull Bay Beach is a favorite among local fishermen and surfers.

In fact, this beach is said to offer St. Thomas's best surf when there's waves in the north. Located on the north side of the island, it's not as big as the most popular nearby beaches, but because sun-seekers are drawn to those other stretches of sand, visitors will have no problem finding a place to relax. Add in 12 months of sunshine, a relatively short flight from the mainland, and access to the Virgin Islands National Park, and it's easy to understand why the beaches of the U.S.

Virgin Islands are in such high demand. The U.S. Virgin Islands are extremely rich in marine life and have some of the best places for first-class diving. They offer a dreamy tropical paradise for sun-lovers who love beach life, as well as fun activities such as kayaking for those looking for a bit of adventure.

From private, quiet spots to crowded stretches of sand for parties, you can find your type of beach in the British Virgin Islands. Magens Bay Beach has become one of the most visited beaches in St. Only the trip to the beach has incredible views and a peaceful environment. It is known for having soft white sand and for being an ideal place for diving and swimming.

The most popular is snorkeling because of its crystal clear waters. The water is calm, making it an ideal destination for families, as children can swim in it and there are also lifeguards on duty. The beach has plenty of palm trees for shade, allowing visitors to rest from the sun. Parking and other amenities are also available, such as picnic tables, showers, restrooms, and water sports equipment rentals.

The beach has a food stand and a beach bar for drinks. Coki Point Beach is a very small white sand beach in St. Thomas and very popular with the locals. It's completely free and has a more cheerful atmosphere.

Coki Point Beach is popular for its great opportunities for swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear water. While the beach itself is free, there's a small fee for parking if you're driving. It's within walking distance of other island attractions, making this Virgin Islands beach an easy addition to St. There are a few restaurants on Coki Point beach and several delicious local food trucks parked nearby.

Snorkeling is incredible, as the fish are not shy in these waters and will approach you. Unfortunately, that's also because they're fed by visitors, which you shouldn't do. There are also coral reefs near the coast that you can visit. Cokie Point Beach is always sunny and has very little shade.

You can also rent snorkeling equipment at local stores. Lindquist Beach is a smaller, less touristy beach in St. Thomas, which is located on the east side of the island. It has a quiet and relaxing environment with great views of the Caribbean Sea.

The beach itself is very well maintained, as it is part of Smith Bay, which is a protected and government-owned part of the island. While it doesn't have too many tourists, it does have a lot of amenities for visitors. At Linquist Beach, there are lifeguards on duty, restrooms, picnic tables and a limited number of beach chairs for rent. There are no restaurants or cafes, so be sure to bring your own drinks and food.

While it's not that touristy, it's close to Red Hook, with its many popular resorts and places to stay in St. Thomas, plus nearby restaurants and bars for a night out. The sandy beach also has great dive spots on the right side. There is a large amount of marine life, including several species of fish and even sea turtles.

Thomas's gem, Brewer's Beach, has all the exotic air of one of the best beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Nature lovers can enjoy birdwatching with the pelicans and seagulls in the area or watching marine life with sea turtles and rays in the water. Thomas Beach is ideal for families with calm and shallow waters, perfect for young swimmers.

This beach is close to the University of the Virgin Islands and the airport, so you can often hear the sound of aircraft engines taking off and landing. During the week, enjoy a quiet scene, as on weekends there can be a lot of local people joining tourists in this beautiful piece of sandy paradise. Grab something to cool off and eat at the charming beachside food trucks, or have a picnic to enjoy a tropical Caribbean beach feast. On the north side of St.

Thomas, Sapphire Beach offers everything you want from a beach vacation in the U.S. It has sugary sand, crystal clear waters and coconut trees that sway in the breeze. Rent a kayak for early morning paddling, or swim among lots of colorful fish and other exotic marine creatures. You can also spend some time lounging on the beach in the sun before having lunch at the Sapphire Beach Bar.

There are also small stores with drinks and snacks and large resorts with restaurants that welcome outside guests, just in case the fish tacos and frozen cocktails at the Sapphire Beach Bar don't seduce your taste buds. . You can rent equipment for water sports or rent beach chairs if you prefer to be a spectator. There is an artificial pond at one end of the beach where you can see ducks and iguanas.

At the marina, you can go parasailing and rent jet skis. Maho Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in the United States Virgin Islands if you want to swim with green sea turtles. You'll have no problem finding these beautiful marine creatures near seagrass areas, in the center and on the right end of the beach. You can also find lots of colorful fish and eagle rays swimming in the water, making it an ideal spot for diving in the Virgin Islands National Park.

It has calm waters, making it also one of the best beaches in the United States Virgin Islands for families with young children. The beach has picnic tables and covered bathrooms. You can also buy a drink and food across the street at food trucks and at local vendor stalls that set up during the day. It's a little farther from Cruz Bay than most of the other beaches on St.

John, but this beautiful beach is worth the wait. Trunk Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in St John. It is immaculate, with turquoise waters full of beautiful marine creatures. Trunk Bay is located within the United States Virgin Islands National Park and is named after the local leatherback turtle that lives in the area.

The beach is ideal for families, with restrooms and showers available for visitors to use. The property also houses the Trunk Bay Café, which serves snacks and beverages. You should be prepared for a lot of sun, as the beach is exposed and has few trees that provide shade. While the waters aren't as calm as other beaches and are rocky in certain areas, there are lifeguards on duty.

However, one of the most incredible things about Trunk Bay is its underwater diving trail, which takes you on a short underwater tour with information about marine life and landscapes in the area. Honeymoon Bay beach is located within the Virgin Islands National Park and is part of Caneel Bay. St John's Beach is between two coral reefs with lots of fish and rays. Honeymoon Bay Beach is known for being a secluded and quiet beach in the United States Virgin Islands with soft white sand.

Unless you're coming by boat, Honeymoon Bay Beach can only be reached by taking a short one-mile rocky hike on foot. However, there is a shuttle service that takes visitors most of the way from the parking lot to the beach for a small fee. The beach has services available for visitors to use, including restrooms, changing rooms and chair rentals. There's also a bar and grill on Honeymoon Bay Beach, as well as a gift shop for storing forgotten items or memories.

Snorkeling tours in St. John, they usually stop at this beautiful beach. John Beach is a beautiful beach in St. To get to the beach, you can hike the 2.3-mile Lind Point Trail from the U.S.

Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center in Great Cruz Bay. Before, you could drive to Caneel Bay Resort and take an ingenious golf shuttle to the beach, but that resort is closed for a year. Expect to find a serene view that often attracts more locals than tourists, as getting to the pretty beach requires a little more effort than most. Even so, the hike is picturesque and easy, and the dip in the sea that you get at the end is the perfect reward.

It's also close to Honeymoon Bay Beach, so you can explore these two beaches in the British Virgin Islands during your visit. However, most people visit this beach instead of their nearby counterpart due to the smaller number of people. Hawksnest Bay Beach, on John's North Shore, is a wonderful sandy spot that's easy to fall in love with. That iconic view of the blue water with the soft sand and the lush green foliage is perfect to enjoy.

It's great for swimming, but you have to be careful when the waves bring bigger waves at certain times. With barbecue grills, restrooms and pavilions for dining, it's a shopping spot on weekends, with locals having a leisurely lunch and tourists who've heard of this beach. There is enough shade to place the beach towel, and the water is warm and refreshing. If you feel like exploring, there's a trail that leads to Little Hawksnest Bay beach, which is more intimate and secluded.

If you're planning to dive, check out the center of the beach, as that's where the coral reefs are located. Cane Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands and is located in St. It's a must for enthusiastic divers who want to dive on the high seas instead of going out on a boat for a day.

With a deep fall not far from the coast, the diving conditions are excellent; you can often see sea turtles, fish, lobsters and moray eels. Beginner divers can book a guided tour at the dive shops in the beach area, and most also offer snorkeling rentals and tours. Horseback riding is also available nearby. On the mainland, there are chair rentals, volleyball, restaurants, bars and a generally great place to hang out.

With epic views that the Caribbean is famous for, you can easily relax on Cane Bay Beach all day long. Buck Island Beach is located on a small, uninhabited island in the United States Virgin Islands, surrounded by coral reefs and protected by the Buck Island Reef National Monument. Full-day and half-day tours like this are available from St Croix, as the island is only accessible by boat. The island has a perfect ecosystem for marine life and is a popular nesting and mating site for turtles, birds and other animals.

Visitors can observe the various species of marine life by participating in the islands' underwater snorkeling trail. Buck Island has no facilities, so be sure to bring everything you need for a day trip. You can find Protestant Cay Beach at the Hotel on the Cay on Protestant Cay. This small island in the port of Christiansted is worth visiting if you like beaches with a relaxed atmosphere with loungers and cabins, palm trees for more shade and friendly people.

As part of the package, you can take a short ferry trip, just hop aboard the waterfront near Fort Christiansvaern. Safe for swimming and great for snorkeling, this beach is a paradise for travelers who want a quiet day at the beach. If you plan to kayak or snorkel, you can find eagle rays and beautiful sea turtles in the crystal clear waters of this beautiful beach in the U.S. Sandy Point Beach is famous for being a nesting site for sea turtles on the southwestern tip of the island.

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge is seasonal and is open from September to March to help protect the sea turtles that are born. There are a lot of shells, driftwood and crystal clear waters all the way to the bottom. Since Sandy Point Beach is a very isolated and seasonal beach, there are no facilities or services for visitors. Croix Beach is very well maintained and has an exuberant unspoiled beauty, since it is a protected area.

Walking along the long white sand coast is a great idea for a date and perfect if you come late at night to enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset. You can start your day having fun in the sun at Frederiksted Fort Beach in St. You can sunbathe and then take a walk to Fort Frederik to see the historic monument built in the 18th century that was used to defend against pirates and other invaders. Return to the beach and cool off in the blue waters that offer a large number of Caribbean fish.

This beautiful beach is close to the cruise ship dock in St. Croix, so it gets crowded when boats arrive and short-stay travelers flock to the nearest beach. Share epic sunsets with local fishermen who release their lines every night. You'll find plenty of beach services, such as restrooms, picnic tables, nearby restaurants, and more.

Notify me of new posts by email. Magens Bay is world famous and one of the most popular beaches on the island of St. The 1-mile stretch of sand along Magens Bay is a public park, donated to the Virgin Islands by renowned philanthropist Arthur Fairchild. You'll no doubt appreciate your generosity once you visit the beach for a quiet afternoon in the tropical sun.

And be sure to try the delicious cuisine at Magen's Bay Café & Pizzeria before returning home. A destination full of water activities, where you can enjoy excellent windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing and, of course, snorkeling. After an afternoon of switching from one water sport to another, travelers can enjoy a tropical cocktail (or two) at the nearby Crystal Cove Beach Resort in Sapphire Bay. What to see and do in St.

The beach, which is also part of the Virgin Islands National Park, maintains a self-guided underwater snorkeling trail in Trunk Bay with underwater signs that provide information on coral formations and marine life. Virgin Voyages says it will never have NCFs in a letter to Travel Advisors Cruise Line & Cruise Ship. Get to the beach early or stay late to increase your chances of spotting gentle reptiles in their natural habitat. Southern Virgin Islands National Park and is named after the local leatherback turtle that lives in the area.

Access to the beach may be limited during certain periods of the turtle nesting season, and the reserve invites visitors to study turtle behavior and the landscape around Jack's Bay through guided hikes designed to educate visitors and raise funds to support turtle monitoring and protection programs. For travelers interested in a beachside resort but not so interested in crowds, consider booking a reservation at the idyllic Peter Bay Estate in St. Located just one shoreline from Peter Bay, Cinnamon Bay Beach is the longest beach on the island of St. The 400-acre nature shelter is a habitat for leatherback turtles and, in fact, the beach is closed during the sea turtle nesting season (April to August).

Sapphire Beach offers more than just the vibrant blue waters that give this coastal getaway in St. .

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