Which virgin island has the clearest water?

. The best place to enjoy this is Lindquist Beach, one of the most popular destinations among locals and non-locals alike. On the west side of Buck Island, an uninhabited island off St. Buck Island is a national monument that includes terrestrial, aquatic and coral reef systems, and can only be accessed by boat (permission required).

Croix, from Turtle Beach, is incredible and the water is absolutely stunning. It's possible to hike to the top of Buck Island for even more beautiful views of the surrounding Caribbean. A picnic area with grills and restrooms is available. Turtle Beach was voted one of the “most beautiful beaches in the world” by National Geographic.

Trunk Bay Beach isn't just one of the most popular beaches in the entire U.S. UU. With its fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters, Trunk Bay Beach is a must see. Located within the Virgin Islands National Park, the beach stretches for a quarter of a mile and surrounds the magnificent crescent formation in the waters of Trunk Bay.

Visit the self-guided underwater snorkeling trail and watch out for sea turtles, stingrays and giant hermit crabs. Crystal Cove has 1,200 feet of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Virgin Islands. The water is transparent and turquoise blue, and is famous for snorkeling. The beach also offers stunning views of St.

John and other smaller islands and has a lot of shade from trees. However, the resort shares this stretch of beach with the Sapphire Beach Resort, its neighbor. It is also popular with cruise ship passengers and the public. While there are plenty of loungers, you may be sitting close to another guest.

There is a water sports provider on the property next door, at the Sapphire Beach Resort. Green Island, a small island off the coast of Antigua, is a private island that has been under the ownership of the Mill Reef Club since 1947. An archipelago of about 40 low-lying coral islands, the Turks and Caicos Islands have a network of islands and cays that offer a wide range of beautiful beaches to choose from. Surrounded by calm, shallow waters and underlying coral reefs and banks, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda are home to some of the most crystalline beaches in the world. The 1-mile stretch of sand along Magens Bay is a public park, donated to the Virgin Islands by renowned philanthropist Arthur Fairchild.

Located just one shoreline from Peter Bay, Cinnamon Bay Beach is the longest beach on the island of St. Known as one of the best islands in the Caribbean for diving and water sports, Curaçao cannot maintain that position without having some of the crystalline waters and the best beaches in the world. This nation's four large islands and 50 smallest islands have an incredible selection of beaches that offer seclusion, fun activities, fantastic beach bars serving delicious cocktails and, arguably, the most crystal clear water in the Caribbean. As one of the least developed islands in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands offer one of the region's most exclusive vacation experiences.

The latter is located within the Virgin Islands National Park and offers magnificent views in the shade of palm trees and spectacular snorkeling. From exclusive, intimate beaches to action-packed sun-worshipping spots, these islands have it all, along with the world's most translucent waters and attractive white sand. Sapphire Beach is one of the best in the Virgin Islands, with soft sand, crystal clear waters, nearby reefs for scuba diving, free windsurfing and snorkeling lessons, and beach chairs are provided at no additional charge. Surrounded by the Virgin Islands National Park, its private beach is a deserted oasis for travelers seeking luxury (and solitude).

The reef-protected waters of the British Virgin Islands provide shallow, transparent waters and smooth white sand. Virgin Islands attractions, from rum distilleries to nature reserves and first-class shops and restaurants, as you glide through those translucent waters. .

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