Free things to do in st thomas virgin islands?

Results 1 — 30 of 94 · The best free things to do in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Pirates of the Caribbean may be a fictional story, but the idea comes from the very real story of pirates in the Virgin Islands in the 1600s and 1700s. During the Golden Age of Piracy, St. Thomas served as the main base for English privateer ships.

It is even rumored that Edward Teach, the infamous Blackbeard, frequented the island. One of Charlotte Amalie's most popular spots, the 99 steps are a staple of St. This staircase was built in the 18th century by the Danish colony, using bricks brought from Denmark on sailing boats. The port city is known for its hills, and the Danes built steep streets and staircases to make it easier to get around.

Thomas has plenty of opportunities to relax on the beach, take a dip in the sea or practice water sports. It also has an abundant supply of tax-free shopping: get ready to face the crowds of cruise ships. Charlotte Amalie is full of Danish colonial architecture and pirate legend. Make the woods tremble at Blackbeard Castle and whet your appetite climbing the historic 99 steps, built with the ballast bricks of 18th century Danish ships.

Thomas The Virgin Islands, the only 3-barrel nano brewery, located in the picturesque fishing village of Frenchtown, in St. Thomas, invites you to tour and try their craft beers with island hops. Visiting hop lovers can stop by for a tour and sample seasonal beers and choose their favorites in a refillable stainless steel jug perfect for the beach. Our beers are on tap all over the island.

The fourth largest in the U.S. UU. ,. Virgin Islands, this quiet 492-acre island, located in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie, attracts those who want to walk along its beaches, cycle among its green hills and observe birds, iguanas, turtles and other wild animals that make this beautiful paradise their home.

A favorite of windsurfers, the beach has fine white sand and beautiful views of St. John and Cays on the high seas, and offers excellent snorkeling on the Eastern Reef, near Pettyklip Point. Sephardic Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition built the oldest active synagogue in the United States,. Unfortunately, our cruise tour took us to the most commercial areas; however, some friends recommended that we look for this synagogue and we are glad we did.

Professor Agi was very informative about the origins of the congregation and its historic building: the oldest in continuous use under the American flag and the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere. It is also one of the only four synagogues in the world with sandy floors, which directly connects it to the Spanish Inquisition and the expulsion of Jews from Spain. Just a five-minute walk from the city center, it was well worth exploring and was the highlight of our cruise. This viewpoint, the observation point from which Sir Francis Drake is supposed to be searching for enemy ships of the Spanish fleet, includes a panoramic view of the Virgin Islands, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.

The place is temporarily closed. A Georgian-style church with a wide staircase and an antique chandelier. This building is worth visiting when you are in St. The church welcomes tourists and the architecture is interesting.

Drive through the West End to Brewers Bay, a beautiful white-sand beach popular with locals. I bought the wife a very nice mask and a diving tube so she could try them on. She did very well once she felt comfortable breathing. She held my hand and I carried it with me.

We saw a lot of turtles and saw a big lightning bolt. He also did some research for marine crystals. . Be sure to buy a drink for the wonderful old lady in the gray food truck.

We went to Sunday Mass, what a wonderful congregation, they made us feel so welcome at the sign of peace that the members of the congregation made a special effort to shake our hands and, at the end of the mass, the father blessed all the visitors, the church itself is beautiful and a wonderful and quiet place to worship. Visitors are welcome for Sunday service. The church was also open all week. Around 80 people were present on the Sunday we visited.

It was a 60-minute light service in a beautiful sanctuary full of light and breeze. It is worth a visit for all those who need to reflect while shopping, eating and visiting Charlotte Amalie attractions. Discover the best things to do with expert advice, travel tips, destination information and inspiration. Wildlife abounds in the waters of the Virgin Islands, from colorful tropical fish to healthy coral reefs.

All of the U.S. Virgin Islands enjoy tax-free shopping, so don't be confused by the plethora of jewelry stores that line Main Street in Charlotte Amalie. The only 3-barrel nano brewery in the Virgin Islands, located in the picturesque fishing village of Frenchtown, in St. Thomas is that you can do it pretty much anywhere, whether you're on a boat or even right next to the beach with a friend.

Thomas, but your best chance of seeing these lovely turtles is taking a snorkeling tour at Turtle Cove, at Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge. This island is part of the Virgin Islands National Park and its waters are full of exciting wildlife and colorful reefs to discover. This viewpoint, the viewpoint from which Sir Francis Drake was supposedly searching for enemy ships of the Spanish fleet, includes a panoramic view of the Virgin Islands, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. All ages will enjoy the interactive exhibits while discovering how the artifacts on display were recovered and their historical importance for the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean in general.

Other boats head to Tortola and Virgen Gorda to explore the beautiful beaches, lively villages and wild beach bars scattered everywhere. Maho Bay, Trunk Bay Beach, Cinnamon Bay and Salt Pond Beach are among the most beautiful beaches in the Virgin Islands. Parasailing will give you a unique perspective of the U.S. Virgin Islands as you parachute through the air behind a boat.

We are very grateful that you have opened your doors to us and have shared your passion and your story about brewing and drinking beer in St. Thomas and Belgium. Despite being on another island, it's incredibly easy to visit the Virgin Islands National Park for an entire day straight from St. .

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