Where is the best place to stay in st. thomas us virgin islands?

Thomas is at the east end of the street. This is the epicenter of activity for travelers, including. The Best Places to Stay in St. The best area to stay in St.

This is the epicenter of activity for travelers, including easy access to San Juan to visit the Virgin Islands National Park. Thomas with his family is in Magens Bay, which offers a beautiful beach with a relaxed atmosphere. Stay at the luxurious Chateau Nightwind or the cheaper boutique villa The Breeze-A. In short, although some of the other places are a little more “specialized”, Charlotte Amalie has something for everyone.

You can easily find elegant restaurants and fun dive bars in this area of the island, as well as lots of shopping malls and shops. The only downside to this area is that it is very busy. Charlotte Amalie is the only place on the island that you would call a city, so most visitors who don't know the island's layout immediately go there. Charlotte Amalie East is directly connected to the island's largest settlement and, as such, there are plenty of attractions and places you can visit.

There are quite a few malls and malls that you can visit. The number is not as high as that of a big city in the continental United States, but there are plenty of options, whether for a live performance or for an informal drink. At least in our opinion, there's nothing better than a bar tour in a beautiful place like St. Thomas, and Charlotte Amalie East is the perfect place to do so.

For spectacular views, take a gondola to Paradise Point or drive through the jungle covered hills to Drake's Seat, both places are stunning. Magens Bay is ideal for swimming or going from bar to beach, Lindquist Beach is charming, and the Sands of Water Island are just a short ferry ride away. Wildlife lovers dream of visiting the nearby town of St. John, since two-thirds of the island is covered by the Virgin Islands National Park and there are beautiful hiking trails to explore.

Thomas is a popular holiday destination for its beautiful beaches, so it is logical that there are many high-quality hotels scattered around the island. Many of the best places to stay in Santo Tomas also serve great fresh seafood and locally grown produce. The U.S. Virgin Islands are by no means considered economic destinations, they are expensive compared to other tropical spots.

That's why we decided to make comprehensive travel guides to show you where to go and where to stay and what to do when you get there. Once a gathering place for pirates, Santo Tomás later prospered as a trading port, and the remnants of its seafaring past are everywhere. If you are going to Saint Thomas for a family vacation, the best thing is to find good accommodation suitable for children, not only with large and spacious family rooms, but also offering good amenities and entertainment activities (in St. After all, the Virgin Islands welcome more than two million visitors a year, and most of them choose St.

, Water Island is just a short ferry ride from Charlotte Amalie and one of the best places to visit in the Virgin Islands. Whether they are on or near the beach, the best places to stay in Santo Tomas are never far from the water, ideal for diving, swimming, sailing or sipping a rum cocktail with your feet in the sand. Capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St.

Thomas has a well-deserved reputation for its beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and lively food and beverage scene. Try a mix of elegant restaurants and quiet beach bars for an authentic Saint Thomas feel and sample the island's local rum. Charlotte Amalie is the capital of the Virgin Islands, the heart of Saint Thomas's life, as well as the point of arrival for all cruise ships (in the famous port of Charlotte Amalie) and the home of St. .

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