What us virgin island is the prettiest?

Water Island, St. Thomas: one of the most impressive places to explore in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Just south of Charlotte Amalie Harbor, on the main island of St.

Thomas, is Water Island. Locally known as the “Last Virgin” because it was the last island to become part of the United States Virgin Islands in 1996. Is Virgin Island worth visiting? Let's find out. The world has many different virgin islands, such as the Virgin Island of the United States, the British Virgin Island, the Virgin Island of Jamaica, etc. The Virgin Islands are also known as America's Caribbean utopia.

Here, visitors can watch stilts performers perform, let their hair loose in a carnival procession, listen to the flow of patois in a Creole language and savor the flavors of a salty fish paté, all with a mobile phone connection. Thomas is by far the most sophisticated of the islands, but it still has the feel of a Caribbean paradise. Thomas offers many options for smiles and surprises for couples and families. Most of these roads on the island offer spectacular views of the archipelago and the water.

The island is also an ocean lover's dream come true. Tourists can also plan some beach activities, such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, a day cruise, kitesurfing, yachts, fishing, canoeing and parasailing as part of their vacation. While on land, visitors can take a tour of the island, see some monuments or go shopping while exploring the areas of the historic center. Finally, spend an hour of cocktails at a restaurant or bar in the evenings, enjoy live entertainment and dine with a breathtaking view.

Trunk Bay is considered a beach mecca by some locals and travelers. You'd better try to find another Caribbean beach with sand as fine as this or water as pristine as this one. Trunk Bay maintains its surreal tranquility despite the continuous influx of tourists. Be sure to try the underwater snorkeling route.

It is 225 yards long and is lined with corals, fish and underwater plates. Others recommend traveling to the farthest end of Trunk Bay to dive in the best way. Thomas, no other beach is as well-known as Magens Bay. This beach on the north coast of the Virgin Islands promises to be the most picturesque and suitable for swimming.

Coki Beach is the best place for walking with fish and is located on the northeast coast. The beach is bustling with vendors offering a wide range of items, and the crystal clear waters are teeming with tropical fish. The lively atmosphere of Coki Beach is praised by tourists, who especially enjoy the music that is heard nearby. Visitors are probably right on the border of the Virgin Islands National Park if they are in St.

John for his trip to the Virgin Islands. The park covers two-thirds of the island and is home to most of Love City's highlights, such as Trunk Bay Beach and the Annaberg Plantation. Visitors can explore the tropical paradise in a variety of ways. There are more than 20 hiking trails for adventurous travelers and families to choose from.

Travelers will find many things to do on site, such as enjoying the various beaches and hiking trails and practicing water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling. The pirate treasure exhibition at Havensight provides visitors with a first-hand view of pirate life. Tourists will be able to interact with immersive exhibitions that will inform them about the wild nature that exists under the amazing blue seas. The museum houses a good collection of antiques, and the best feature is that visitors can take home numerous souvenirs and unique items.

The 99 steps are among the most emblematic attractions of Santo Tomás. Charlotte Amalie, the island's cruise port and city, is home to 99 Steps. . It was built in the 17th century and has since become legendary.

They were built from the ballast tiles of old world ships, which were used to significantly facilitate navigation through the archipelago. Blackbeard Castle is one of the national heritage sites of the Virgin Islands. The city of Charlotte Amalie is where visitors will find it. Danish troops used the castle as a viewpoint to detect attackers.

Skytsborg, which roughly means protection castle, was its original name. This indoor and outdoor aquarium containing sharks, stingrays and miniature starfish is located between St. Coral World also offers a bird cage for walking and a peripheral underwater observatory where visitors can see marine life 15 feet below the water's surface. Without a doubt, it is a pleasant trip for families.

If tourists are looking to buy good clothes or souvenirs, head to Main Street. Thomas is the busiest and most commercialized of the three islands. It also has a reputation for being more exclusive, with many tax-free shops, high-end restaurants, and golf courses. And, unlike the other islands, St.

Thomas has a lively nightlife at dusk. Do you want to take that trip for free and collect valuable miles for your next trip? Check out our best travel credit cards for the best welcome bonuses, benefits and lots of cash back. We may earn a commission from affiliate links () Welcome to Paradise, also known as the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). It consists of three main islands (St.

Thomas), these colorful beauties are full of impressive architecture, bustling harbors, a sordid past (think piracy and slavery) and a turquoise sea so captivating that you won't be able to resist taking pictures. Technically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago, the Virgin Islands are the United States, United States. Territory located on the eastern edge of the Greater Antilles. Located just 40 miles east of Puerto Rico, this natural paradise is a popular playground for stressed tourists looking to relax and enjoy the tranquility, warmth and beauty of the Caribbean.

These 20 stunning locations are some of the most spectacular and photograph-worthy places to visit. Sea turtle in the waters of the Virgin Islands National Park, St. John Whether you want to hike, swim, snorkel, sail or relax on the beach, you'll find access to everything in the Virgin Islands National Park. Photograph ancient petroglyphs that were once carved by the Taino Indians, use an underwater camera to capture the vibrant marine life surrounding a coral reef, or take some pictures of ruined sugar plantations.

There's a lot for your camera (and for you) to love in this tropical nirvana. In the jungle, the imposing jungle, your blind will go into overdrive. Mossy rocks, long hanging vines and a green tropical paradise await hikers on their way to the enchanting Reef Bay. The three-mile hike takes visitors past a 40-foot waterfall, freshwater pools, and the ruins of sugar mills.

Beware of deer, crabs and bats. Welcome to Charlotte Amalie, the largest city in the U.S. UU. If you want to go shopping, eat well, and embark on an exciting day trip (we're talking about snorkeling tours, underwater safaris and ecological tours), you've come to the right place.

Locals refer to this bustling area as downtown or town. Perhaps the most popular in the US. It offers the crystal clear waters, abundant coral reefs and the pristine beaches of other neighboring islands, making it a perfect place to enjoy stunning snapshots of a vacation. It's a popular cruise destination, so be prepared to face some crowds, especially when you go shopping.

Cinnamon Bay Beach Sailing boat Located in the heart of the Virgin Islands National Park, Cinnamon Bay is the longest beach in St. Imagine plunging your feet into the softest white sand before plunging into the warm turquoise waves. That pretty much sums up paradise in our minds, and you'll find it all here. Deep in the Virgin Islands National Park, you'll find the ruins of the Annaberg sugar plantation.

It comes complete with signs detailing the sugar production process, the history of the area, and life on the plantations. You'll also find a unique windmill built in the early 19th century. The vibrant Cruz Bay is the entertainment capital of St. This busy port is where you'll find the island's most popular restaurants, as well as an impressive shopping scene.

This is also the meeting point for island trips, as well as for water sports and snorkeling and diving adventures. Croix, Christiansted offers an intimate view of the magnificent culture found in the U.S. Yes, you'll find beautiful beaches (like Protestant Cay), but you'll also have the chance to tour historic churches and admire the distinctive architecture of this charming seaside getaway. Croix Built at the end of the 18th century (174), the star-shaped Christiansvaern fort was created to protect Christiansted from pirates trying to loot, as well as from hurricanes, rebel slaves and other citizens.

Today, the fort built in Denmark is a national historic site overlooking the calm waters of St. With its fallen coconut trees, its luxurious sand and its crystal blue waters, the majestic Magens Bay is here to calm what ails us. It has been called one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and just a minute on this quiet beach will make your shoulders relax. Buck Island Reef National Monument You'll need to get on a boat if you want to visit Buck Island Reef National Monument.

A short 1.5-mile drive from St. On the mainland of Croix, this protected paradise has trails that cross tropical and sandy forests, pristine beaches and a remarkable coral reef that is more than worth a dive in the morning or afternoon. Talk about the perfect photo shoot. There are many ways to photograph the enchanting 99-step stone in St.

Place each child seated on a different step, lean back on the wooden railing for a selfie, or use your macro lens to capture the intricate masonry up close. It's basically a stepped street, and guess how many steps you'll have to climb to get to the top. Originally transported from Denmark to help islanders conquer the mountainous terrain of Charlotte Amalie, it has become one of the most iconic monuments of St. Not all government buildings are so pretty, that's why you should appreciate the picturesque design of this beauty.

Built in the mid-1860s, this impressive structure is at the center of political life in St. Expand the detailed iron work shown on the building's balconies. The beautiful and serene Coral Bay adorns the southeastern side of St. It's a popular tourist area, and you'll find plenty of accommodations to choose from in this charming spot.

It's a much quieter option than busy Cruz Bay, but you'll still find a good selection of shops and restaurants. Rogue donkeys, roosters and goats are interesting photobombers. Located a 20-minute drive east of Cruz Bay, this tranquil beauty features super soft sand, shallow, child-friendly waters, and incredible marine life. It owes its name to the maho tree, which is easy to spot due to its large, heart-shaped leaves.

We would also be in the shape of a heart if we could call this paradise home. It may not be as popular as St. John's Trunk, Cinnamon or Maho beaches, but Hawksnest Beach is a hidden gem worth a visit. This stunning sandy beach, which elegantly delves into the turquoise paradise of Hawksnest Bay, is the perfect place to relax.

Secret Harbour is an ideal place for snorkeling, especially if seeing squid, turtles and barracudas is at the top of your bucket list. Despite its name, this beautiful spot is far from being a well-kept secret, meaning parking can be difficult. The beach is soft, small, and luxurious, and there's a delicious restaurant right on the sand, making it easy to stay longer. Thomas: Be sure to bring a camera if you explore Drake's Seat in St.

Renowned for its use as a viewpoint by Sir Francis Drake, this popular bench has stunning panoramic views. From here, you can see the British Virgin Islands and the majestic Magens Bay. Aren't you a hiker? Don't worry, you can easily reach this site by car, as it is located right next to the road. Virgin Islands If you are traveling with children and they love airplanes, a visit to the beautiful Brewers Bay beach is a must.

It is located near the airport in St. They have plenty of opportunities to spy on planes while they sunbathe. You'll want to pack snorkeling and masks for your trip to this beautiful place. Turtles and stingrays are often spied on near the seagrass to the left of the bay.

You haven't really experienced a Caribbean vacation without coming face to face (or in this case a castle) with a pirate. If that pirate is the legendary Blackbeard, you'll get more bragging rights by recounting your experiences at home. Perched atop a hill in Charlotte Amalie, this national historic monument commemorates the former home of the famous pirate. John's Francis Bay is a lovely place to visit even when storm clouds arrive.

Less popular than other nearby beaches, this beautiful wonder is large, quiet and offers plenty of opportunities to cool off in the shade. The warm turquoise water, the golden sand and the leafy trees make this oasis unforgettable. Thomas is also the gateway to St. Croix and a much loved holiday destination in its own right.

The frequency of international travelers has left its mark over the years. Thomas exudes a cosmopolitan atmosphere, especially in the bustling capital of Charlotte Amalie, which is brimming with Danish colonial architecture, tax-free shopping and cultural monuments. A busy port for cruise ships, the island swells when large ships dock. However, many people prefer to spend a couple of days or more on the island to cover more sun-drenched ground and splash around in the turquoise tides.

Thomas has a treasure trove of sandy stretches with dozens of beautiful beaches. The popular postcard-worthy Magens Bay on the north coast is ideal for swimming, kayaking and rowing. Those who want to avoid the crowds will find quiet spots such as Lindquist Beach, which is part of the protected 21-acre Smith Bay Park, located on the east end of the island. Charlotte Amalie is a vibrant hub for shopping, entertainment and history.

There are more than 100 tax-free stores, including many jewelry stores. Some travelers even claim to have brought an additional suitcase dedicated to carrying souvenirs. Thomas is also home to the second oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. The Pirate Treasure Museum brings to life the legends and tradition of adventures on the high seas through interactive exhibits.

Colloquially known as a stepped street, it is a staircase built with bricks brought by 18th century Danish ships. Another must-see at high altitude, the Skyride cable car climbs 700 feet above Charlotte Amalie to Paradise Point. Budding botanists of all ages should visit the Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden, while art lovers won't want to miss the chance to visit the childhood home of French impressionist Camille Pissarro. Nightlife lovers can head to the lively bars and beach clubs.

Perfect for family vacations and group getaways, Marriott's Frenchman's Cove features spacious villas with two or three bedrooms, living and dining areas, fully equipped kitchens and patios. This hillside property also offers its guests extensive amenities, such as an infinity pool with water slide and activities, as well as magnificent views of Pacquereau Bay. Located on the quieter east end of St. Thomas, Secret Harbour Beach Resort is a favorite among families and couples looking for a relaxing getaway without skimping on fun outdoor activities.

In addition to snorkeling, scuba diving and tennis, guests love the renovated condo units that are just steps away from the sand. A luxury resort that is largely family-friendly, The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas is located on a beautiful sandy beach and has a large number of services approved by children and parents, ranging from a first-class children's club to a pool with a water slide. There are four restaurants, 180 renovated rooms and the famous catamaran cruises at sunset.

For a centrally located boutique stay, At Home in the Tropics offers a relaxed environment that feels more adult than many of the area's larger resorts. Located in a beautiful historic Danish building overlooking the harbor, the bed and breakfast offers a swimming pool, four coastal-inspired rooms and equally cheerful common spaces. Pangea Terra Table focuses on farm-to-table dishes prepared with seasonal organic ingredients, served in a charming outdoor setting with a lively bar. Beyond the delicious food, the restaurant's sustainability initiatives are admirable, including an on-site garden, without using plastic and composting.

The perfect place for a leisurely lunch on Water Island, Heidi's Honeymoon Grill serves tasty fish tacos and strong rum cocktails to hikers. Grab a shady table on the terrace and enjoy the glittering views until your meal arrives. Would you like a more elegant dinner, perhaps one that involves leaving the kids with a babysitter at the hotel? Prime at Paradise Point is an option worthy of a special occasion, with delicious dishes such as local lobster, tomahawk steak and truffle macaroni and cheese. Hungry shoppers who need to refuel between tax-free purchases can head to the Side Street Pub for slow-cooked pulled pork tacos, homemade salsa, and Caribbean chicken sandwiches.

It's a hidden gem of family property in Charlotte Amalie, with friendly service worth finding. Croix with a historic district, boat trips, bars and restaurants. Christiansted is the largest city and economic hub of St. Croix, with many sites, attractions and excursions departing from other popular places on the island.

Walk along the picturesque waterfront and stop at the many tiki bars, cafes and souvenir shops before boarding a rental boat bound for Buck Island and its underwater national monuments. I may be partial (after all, I work as a boat captain here), but exploring the U.S. Virgin Islands by boat is vastly better than on land. And one of the best places to visit by boat is Buck Island, near St.

To enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean, look no further than the western end of St. Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge is a 2-mile stretch of protected shoreline and one of the world's busiest nesting sites for leatherback turtles. Because of this, the shelter is open sparingly all year round, so be sure to check it out before you go. Your starting point for the shelter is Frederiksted, the second largest city in St.

Croix and home to other popular attractions, such as the Estate Whim Plantation Museum and Fort Frederik. Magens Bay is the postcard image of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and with good reason. The mile-long stretch of white sand is lined with sea grapes and coconut trees that provide a natural awning while turquoise waters line the coast.

Surrounded mostly by lush green hills, Magens Bay still seems like a natural getaway despite its popularity with cruise passengers and visitors to St. If you want access to some of the most remote areas of the Virgin Islands National Park, I highly recommend staying close to Coral Bay. You'll be within walking distance of some of the best attractions in St. John, like secluded beaches like Salt Pond Beach, epic hiking trails like Rams Head and picturesque rowing trails through Hurricane Hole.

The most impressive sugar mill in St. John If you select only one trail to take during your stay at St. John, seriously consider the Reef Bay Trail. The old forest road meanders from peak to valley, passing through the largest trees on the island, the petroglyphs of the island's first inhabitants and the ancient stone ruins of houses, fences and sugar plantations; the most impressive is the Reef Bay sugar factory, at the end of the trail.

Beautiful beaches, great hotels, great restaurants and panoramic views await visitors on the east end of St. Thomas If you are thinking of staying in St. Thomas, it is very likely that you will end up looking for accommodation on the eastern end of the island. Popular resorts are spread across the region, such as Margaritaville, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott at Frenchmen's Reef, Limetree Resort, Sapphire Village and Secret Harbor Resort, each with access to some of the island's most beautiful beaches.

The main shopping mall in the East End is Red Hook, with a litany of boat rentals, restaurants, dive bars, souvenir shops and the ferry terminal to St. Nestled along the north coast of the National Park, is Maho Bay, with its white sand and coconut trees that balance. The beach is the most popular in St. John and the best place in the U.S.

Virgin Islands to dive with sea turtles. Buck Island Reef National Monument is a marine protected area 2 miles north of St. Croix managed by the U.S. National Park Service.

Visitors can explore the island by land or by sea with many charter ships departing from Christiansted every day. The reefs around the island are pristine, with spotted eagle stripes, reef sharks, lobsters and goldfish that appear regularly. For a low price, you can hit the winding trails visiting everything Water Island has to offer. We recommend basing your visit on Christiansted, where you can tour the historic fort and take a boat to nearby Buck Island to dive into one of only three submarine national monuments in the United States.

Thomas is one of the most stunningly beautiful islands in the world, with something for everyone, and the Virgin Islands resorts are worth it. Throughout the city, accessible on foot, you'll find souvenir shops, jewelry stores, fantastic restaurants, countless beach bars, boat rental companies and the largest dive shop in the Virgin Islands. Croix is home to Harvey's, which is said to be basketball star Tim Duncan's favorite restaurant when he returns to the island. John Virgin Islands National Park is a summary of the natural history and human influence of the Caribbean.

The small island is home to a few hundred residents, a World War II fort and Honeymoon Beach, one of the best beaches in St. Whether you want to hike, swim, snorkel, sail or relax on the beach, you'll find access to everything in the Virgin Islands National Park. However, the new restrictions and fees in the British Virgin Islands have made visiting nearby islands incredibly difficult. .

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