How to fly to st thomas virgin islands?

Enjoy our travel experience and great prices. Book the lowest rates at St. There are two main airports in the Virgin Islands: Cyril E. Non-stop, connecting service from the continental United States to St.

Most flights make connections in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Inter-island flights can be made from San Juan to St. Below is a table with approximate flight times and a list of airlines serving between the continental United States and the United States Virgin Islands. The information is based on U.S.

travel restrictions. UU. to the island of St. Thomas Cyril E KingMost visitors from the U.S.

Can Cyril E King enter St. Thomas Island without restrictions, COVID-19 testing requirements Visitors from the U.S. are not required to present a PCR test or a negative COVID-19 antigen result when entering the island of St. Thomas Cyril E King, quarantine requirements Visitors from the U.S.

They are not required to quarantine after entering Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King, DocumentsTravel Form: Travelers must complete a travel certificate form prior to arrival. This form will be provided by the airline. Airlines can allow you to complete your certification electronically, for example, through the VeriFly app. However, you may want to keep a hard copy as a precaution.

When returning to the United States from St. Thomas Island Cyril E KingCOVID-19 testing requirements Visitors to St. Thomas Island Cyril E King are not required to present a COVID-19 PCR test or a negative antigen result upon entering the U.S. Quarantine Requirements Visitors to Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King are not required to quarantine after entering the U.S.

UU. . Spirit Airlines can get you nonstop to Houston without having to stop along the way. The direct flight of John F.

Kennedy International Airport (JFK) offers the fastest time, approximately 2 hours to Cyril E. As it is one of the busiest airports on the island, it offers you numerous options to help you get to Charlotte Amalie. Since your destination is about 2-3 miles away, you may find it easier to travel by taxi. The taxi stand is located at the airport and drivers can take you to your destination within a radius of 12 to 14 m.

Rental cars are available if you want to drive and enjoy the many views of the island. There are also shuttle and limousine services, as well as a public bus option with bus stops located outside the airport. In addition to enjoying the island's white sand beaches and tropical beauty, you can also explore its many attractions. Popular places such as the Fort Christian & Museum, the French Heritage Museum and the Camille Pissarro Gallery are ideal for learning about the history of St.

You can climb the 99 steps of Charlotte Amalie to enjoy a spectacular view, dive to visit sunken naval barges and have fun riding a motorcycle underwater. Visit Havensight for a day of shopping and dining. If you're traveling with children, the Coral World Marine Park and the Children's Museum will add to your adventure. Travelers must book flights to Cyril E King (STT) if they want to fly to Saint Thomas Island.

Saint Thomas Island Airport is 2.8 km from the city center. If you want to travel non-stop from the U.S. to STT, you only need to book your flight through KAYAK. If you are planning to take another flight from STT to your respective final destinations, consider visiting nearby airports, such as José Aponte De La Torre Airport, Henry E Rohlsen Airport, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport or Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport, which are about 44.4, 45.4, 68.1 and 74 miles away, respectively.

Thomas, if they don't have a government-issued identification, such as a permanent resident card, but they may not need a tourist visa to enter if they come from countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program. However, some flights may have a longer stopover, with a flight time to their destination that can be up to 16 hours. With KAYAK you can also compare airline ticket prices for last minute flights to Saint Thomas Island from anywhere in the United States. Returning to the United States from St.

The first representative told me that there was nothing he could do to help me find an alternative flight or arrange a hotel stay. Quarantine Requirements Visitors to Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King are not required to remain in quarantine after entering the U.S. If you plan to travel to Saint Thomas Island via Cyril E King Airport (STT) with a baby, you may need to plan ahead. He transferred me to a supervisor who was even less helpful and, in fact, was condescending, and told me to stop worrying instead of offering me guarantees or answers about what to expect if the flight was canceled.

Saint Thomas Island is served by Saint Thomas Island's Cyril E King Airport, also commonly known as Cyril E King or Cyril E. If you are looking for flights from cities such as Orlando, Atlanta, New York, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, the flight schedules to St. Thomas on his Caribbean itineraries, including the largest cruise ships in the world, “floating cities on the sea” capable of holding up to 6,000 passengers at a time. Requirements for getting tested for COVID-19 Visitors from the U.S.

are not required to present a PCR test or a negative antigen result for COVID-19 when entering the island of Saint Thomas Cyril E King. If you have flights to St. Thomas Island and want to go shopping once you arrive, you should go to the Crown Bay Center in Charlotte Amalie. .

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