How to get to st thomas virgin islands?

To visit these islands from the continental United States, you have to fly to St. There is a regular, reliable and affordable ferry service to both islands from St. Exploring effortlessly at 26% and without problems when traveling to the U.S. UU.

Citizens enjoy all the comforts of domestic travel, including online registration, and travel to the U.S. As a U.S. territory, travel to the U.S. The Virgin Islands do not require a passport for the U.S.

Citizens arriving from Puerto Rico or the U.S. Citizens are the same as those to enter the United States from any foreign destination. Upon departure, a passport is required for everyone except the U.S. .

In the early 19th century, there was a decline in the sugar industry on the islands, along with slave revolts. Thomas, visit the synagogue, the oldest American synagogue in continuous use and a national historic monument where the floors are made of sand. Make sure to get out on the water and see all the beaches, especially in St. Thomas (Magens Bay is ideal for children) and St.

John (where Trunk Bay is still famous all over the world). See the extensive botanical garden of St. Croix, and watch out for several types of huge sea turtles, such as the hawksbill and leatherback turtles, which are hard to find. But please don't touch the wildlife.

If you're curious about the island's history, stroll through the brick-lined alleys of downtown St. Thomas during the day, including Market Square. This was the site of the slave trade and of the painful separation of families. Adventurous travelers love ziplining here, while the quieter ones prefer to rent a boat, eat slow Western Caribbean lunches, and drink wine.

If you need to exercise, look for the famous “99 steps” in Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the Virgin Islands, which lead to Blackbeard Castle. Built in the 1660s by the Danish Army, it's an ideal place to enjoy a view. Virgin Islands, you should also listen to live music and go out for tropical drinks. John is the least populated of the three islands, so you're likely to stay at your hotel or stay with B&B while you're there, but spontaneous shows usually take place on all of these islands.

Thomas, enjoy live jazz on Sunday afternoons at the Fat Turtle outdoor bar. Snorkeling and diving are top notch here, with beautiful reefs that attract visitors from all over the world (the Virgin Islands Coral Reef Monument is a fantastic place to put on your goggles). And don't miss the extensive national park of St. John, where you can snorkel, camp and hike mountain trails to hidden coves.

Whether you opt for an all-inclusive option, a luxurious hotel in St. Thomas (which has the most elegant locations), or a quiet bed and breakfast in St. John, there are a lot of places to stay in the U.S. Point Pleasant Resort is away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, in St.

And at the Ritz-Carlton, a larger and more imposing hotel known for pampering guests, travelers will find a more refined version of island design. Expect private balconies or terraces, marble bathrooms, and contemporary finishes. Meanwhile, the 16 rooms, extensive gardens and stunning views of Estate Lindholm in St. John is available for those who want to take the 20-minute ferry to.

Croix, The Buccaneer remains a hot spot, thanks to its 18-hole golf course, eight tennis courts and three private beaches. Travelers can also book a room at Starfish Cottage at Judith's Fancy, a cozy space with a full kitchen and wrap-around porch, perfect for large families and groups. Virgin Islands, you'll want to search and ask for local fish. Don't leave without trying specialties such as Caribbean snail and lobster fritters, grouper and flying fish.

Also look for grilled chicken, roasted pork, pepper pot and goat stew on restaurant menus. Thomas has many exclusive restaurant options, such as Oceana, which is right on the water and serves bouillabaisse, pork rillettes and a fantastic mushroom and leek tatin tart tatin. Travelers can also sample classic dishes at Glady's Café, where the hot sauce is homemade. Croix seems to be having something of a culinary awakening.

A local person told Travel+ Leisure that rum is cheaper than Coca-Cola on these islands, so the drinks are just as strong, so many tourists aren't prepared. Think twice before ordering a second round of rum punches for the table. Everyone says “good morning”, good afternoon and “good night” on these islands, so approaching a waiter, waiter or local without greeting them first is considered the height of rudeness. It doesn't matter where you're headed in the U.S.

UU. ,. Virgin Islands, travelers must fly to St. Croix, both with airports.

John, however, be prepared to take a 20-minute ferry or chartered boat. The main islands of the archipelago, especially St. Croix, are also popular ports of call for cruise ships. Consider taking a Caribbean cruise if you want to see this chain of islands.

The currency of the United States is what matters. Most stores and restaurants accept credit cards, but not always American Express. In the outdoor squares, carry cash for spontaneous purchases, such as imitation designer bags. Croix, visit the Christiansted waterfront and Frederiksted's Strand Street for the best memories.

John, check out the stores in Coral Bay, Wharfside Village and Mongoose Junction. Most visitors arrive between December and April in search of a break from the colder climates, but one local suggests not ignoring the summer months. During June and July, children don't go to school and make friends with their own on the beach, especially in places such as Magen Bay, with shallow waves, in St. And you can often take your kids to the beach for just one dollar.

Regardless of when you book your trip, expect temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees throughout the year, as most rains will fall during hurricane season and peak in the fall months. Thomas on his Caribbean itineraries, including the largest cruise ships in the world, “floating cities on the sea” capable of holding up to 6,000 passengers at a time. .

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